Monday, August 20, 2007

Road Trip Essentials - Part 6

This is a slowly growing list of essential road trip experiences. My goal is to compose a set of 100 must-have moments on the highway. Here are five more, in no particular order.

Design a photo safari around a unique theme. Look for a peculiar style of sign, a specific style of architecture, or an odd sort of plant life.

Take a tour of a corporate museum or factory. I recommend the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota.

Visit South of the Border, the indisputably tackiest motel complex/miniature golf playground/fireworks store/souviner shop [etc.] in the nation.

Drive a stretch of US 50, America's "loneliest highway." Best bet: Nevada.

Spend a day on Miami's South Beach. Wear white airy pants, try some new kind of rum, and spend the day looking at the blue water.

1 comment:

Carol said...

I have driven stretches of highway 50 many times (and not simply because I live 50 feet above it in Placerville). It is, by far the loneliest freeway, especially in Nevada. Good call!!!