Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Once more, Hillary Clinton defies expectations - at least for a little while more.

Even though Barack Obama has passed the "magic number" of delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination, Clinton made it clear that she's conceding nothing tonight, as evidenced by her Nixonian call for her 18 million supporters to write in letters of support, a moment of such other-worldly gall that CNN commentator Alex Castellanos remarked, "she did everything but offer Barack Obama the vice presidency."

Insiders report that she's working behind the scenes to arrange a face-saving exit. Most likely, she herself is angling for veep, implicitly threatening to hold out until Denver should Obama not hand her the number two spot. She's earned a respectful hearing on that point. But still...

As Maureen Dowd just wrote for the New York Times: "He thought a little thing like winning would stop her? Oh, Bambi."

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Mansi said...

Obama's speeches reflect his passion for the people and the country while Mrs. Clinton's narcissism seeps through even her most cleverly cloaked words. What scares me most is that while Obama wants to change Washington, he might me forced by the party to take Hillary as his VP -- the same kind of politics he is desperately trying to avoid.