Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Game in the Arctic

Here's another article about how climate change-induced melting of polar icecaps is creating a 21st Century "Great Game" among the industrial powers seeking to tap oil and gas reserves said to be waiting in places that were once inaccessible to drilling.

The Telegraph reports that Russia is planning to occupy a large chunk of arctic territory, even sending a submersible to plant a flag in the deep. Here's a snip:
"Global warming has stepped up the fight for the disputed Arctic, believed to be laden with vast reserves of oil and gas. Russia has pitted itself against Canada, Denmark, Norway and the United States to fight for a greater part of the region, arguing that most of it is Russian territory since an underwater ridge links Siberia to the North Pole's seabed."
Read the entire piece: Russia threatens to seize swathe of Arctic

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