Wednesday, November 26, 2008

40-Something Facebooking

A lot of folks in my age group are sharing this piece to their friends, and I wanted to join the party. In this Forbes piece, Tunku Varadarajan describes an age divide in Facebook "friending" between Gen-Xers and younger folks. Here's a snip:
We don't take Facebook for granted the way our children do, with their unthinking postings on each others' walls, their casual use of the F-word on what is effectively a quasi-public forum, their postings of their own photographs in varying states of sobriety and decency. Facebook is a forum that we wish we'd had when we were much younger; so now that we have it in our 40s, we treat it with a certain self-conscious formality, a calibrated theatricality.
Read the entire piece: Forty-Somethings On Facebook

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