Friday, March 5, 2010

Update on Wood's Unsought Advice

Lately I've been inundated by time-crunch writing projects, and my bandwidth for blogging has taken the hit. But that doesn't mean that I'm abandoning Woodland Shoppers Paradise. Indeed, I'm pushing toward a decent first draft of a multipart series tentatively titled "Wood's Unsought Advice," which has been percolating for a few months now. Perhaps over the weekend I can make some progress and prepare to share it with you. No specific plans for when, but I'm hoping for "soon."

"Unsought Advice," is hooked on the idea that we can apply philosophical insights to contemporary workplace dilemmas. That's right, everyday stuff like how do deal with "Bungie-Bosses" or "zero-sum gamers" - or the dreaded game of salary negotiation "chicken." Oh, and how to keep a job in today's lousy economy.

Starting with Socrates (really, with Chilon), I've titled my first post, "Know Thyself." Subsequent posts are called "Seize the Mayhem," "See Things First As They Are," "Keep Secrets. Unless You Can't," "Tend Your Gardens," and "Perform Thyself." Can you guess the philosophers I chose to illustrate these topics?

I claim no uniqueness to my approach. Plenty of books out there do what I'm doing. But that's why my advice is "unsought." No one's waiting for it, But I'll share it all the same. At minimum, the series provides me an opportunity to work through a few ideas of personal interest. And if I'm lucky, maybe one reader will benefit from using ancient or modern philosophy to think through an office hassle. Worse case scenario: I'll reap some comments about just how far off the mark I am. Which is OK. I'm a sucker for helpful advice.

So keep your eyes on these space. "Wood's Unsought Advice" is coming.

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