Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shameless Media Plug: Communication Currents

Following the publication of my essay, "Two roads diverge: Route 66, 'Route 66,' and the mediation of American ruin," in Critical Studies in Media Communication, I was invited to repackage the piece into a form that's more accessible to a wider audience.

The venue? Communication Currents: an effort by the National Communication Association to disseminate academic scholarship beyond the narrow confines of the audience for peer reviewed journals.

The process of transforming an 8,500-word essay into a 1,000 word magazine-style article contained no small amount of frustration, let me tell you. But I appreciated the opportunity to share my work in a new way.

Read the piece, Route 66 and the Road to Ruin

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Anonymous said...

Hey, had to say I like your pictures. Too bad there isn't a print publication today, a Life, a Look, to present your stuff. I have seen pictures like yours before elsewhere, but if you are teaching photography, your students will do well.