Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Shanghai Expo

As I'm culling through my notes for a forthcoming a trip summary of our summer Asia adventures [see the video], I thought I'd share a link to my video about the Shanghai world's fair.

As many reviewers, including one guest poster to this blog, have concluded, the Shanghai expo is vast, crowded, hot - and potentially a real drag. But I found that a little preparation and research, along with some strategic time management, ensures that the world's fair can be a delightful experience.

Oh yes, regardless of your attitude, the fair is still vast, crowded, and hot. Fair planners expect a total attendance of 70 million people, whether the streets are melting in 100+ degree temperatures or drowning in monsoon rains. Or both.

Still, as the video attempts to show, visiting the Shanghai expo can be entirely worth the effort. You can meet people from around the world, witness weird exhibits that inspire chuckles and groans, and experience sights and sounds that pack profound impact. The whole phantasmagoria is really quite unforgettable.

In future, I plan to write an essay about the fair along with the broader trip summary, which should appear on Woodland Shoppers Paradise in a week or two. Check in here from time to time for updates! And if you're anywhere near Shanghai before November, add the world's fair to your itinerary.

Difficulty seeing the video? Point your browser to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Kd5MwOoaxE

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