Friday, March 9, 2012

Lincoln Center MediaScape

[I know this is old. It comes from my overflowing collection of articles I've read and wanted to post during my recent blogging hiatus. Better late than never!]

Robin Pogrebin wrote an interesting NYT article about an architectural firm's efforts to blur architecture and information at New York's Lincoln Center. One example: 4-by-8-foot L.E.D. screens (called "blades") that "combine text and video images … to enliven the street and convey the vitality and accessibility of the center." The piece cites architect Elizabeth Diller who seeks to transform Lincoln Center into more than merely something "carved in stone":
“The monumentality of the scale of the buildings really needed to be softened up by a different, pedestrian scale,” she added. “The media is really part of the architectural expression of that.”
Learn more: At Lincoln Center, Information Is Architecture

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