Friday, April 13, 2012

St. Louis Graffiti Wall

During my recent solo road trip, I found myself wandering beneath the fast lane. I'd spotted some neon tags splattered across the skeletal ruin of the Powell Square building and was determined to get a better look. Before long I was bracing myself against a concrete divider, trying to grab shots while cars screamed past. I stayed for a while but eventually began long, lazy circuits among the surface streets. Strolling the roads, sometimes spotting the St. Louis Arch between bombed out houses and bars, I smiled at the sight of horse carriages taking a break from their downtown duties. Veering toward the water, I figured I'd see little more than another swath of post-industrial wreckage. Instead I found a flood wall running alongside the railroad tracks, stretching miles south. Nearly every inch of that wall was covered in street art. I knew I'd have to stick around a while longer. 

South Wharf Street, St. Louis, MO [GMap]

321 Lombard Street, St. Louis, MO [GMap]


felicia said...

love this, I think I am going to go visit this area very soon. thanks so much for showing your photos.

Anonymous said...

ha you found my cowboy. always wondered if anyone ever saw that. cheers -Seek