Monday, September 10, 2012

Beijing Street Art - Chaoyang Road

This summer I taught a three-week communication studies course in Beijing. I was supposedly leading this thing: organizing classes, managing tours, solving problems. In truth, I was as wide-eyed and amazed as my students. And frequently I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from them

Indeed, early in our class, a couple of especially adventuresome students announced that they'd discovered a rich deposit of street art in an abandoned apartment complex near our campus. We tramped back there together and, sure enough, they'd found something special. 

I loved the dizzy goofiness of wandering down alleys, climbing rusty ladders, ducking through holes of broken sheetrock, all to photograph street art that most folks never get to see. Most of all, I cherished the chance to follow my students in an urban adventure [Here's where you can learn more about that particular day].

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