Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last Kicks in Anniston

Geni Certain shared the distressing news that the Goal Post Bar-B-Q's animated neon sign, which features a kicker punting a ball, is being dismantled. A short piece in the [Alabama] Anniston Star features the YouTube video I posted some years back, which offers me at least a little solace.

One of the goals of my (slowly) growing collection of animated sign videos is to inspire folks to explore these "potent bursts of raw technological enthusiasm" while they stand today. At the same time I recognize a sadder outcome that, for some, these videos may be the only records that remain. As ever I am drawn to William Gibson:
"I shot one in San Jose an hour before the bulldozers arrived and drove right through the structural truth of plaster and lathing and cheap concrete."
I can't recall any such dramatic bulldozer moments in my years of architectural wanderings, but I do remember my last drive through Alabama, thinking, "I should get out there and see this sign again, maybe shoot it in higher definition." More pressing engagements called me away, and I made the right call in forgoing that opportunity. Still, you never know when your last visit becomes your last chance.

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