Friday, June 3, 2016

Finland: Geisha chocolate

While I didn’t write a formal blog post for my Summer 2016 European adventures, I thought it’d be fun to share some memories I initially stored on Facebook.

So I return from Leonardo, my go-to restaurant in Helsinki, and find a big bar of Geisha chocolate in my hotel room - and a card: "With love from Merlin and Esteri." And I am reminded once more of how lucky I am to be here. You see, while I was scarfing down a pizza and some cocktails during dinner, a young woman sitting next to me announced that I needed to help her and her friend finish their bottle of wine. Never one to turn down a tasty beverage, I joined in - and we commenced to chatting about essential tourist spots in Florida, recommendations for where I can catch old school cinema in Helsinki and, of all things, our mutual fascination and frustration with Andy Kaufman. One of my new friends is a nurse; the other works at a local hotel, and she was thrilled to hear that I'm staying at the Indigo, because she has friends here. So much so that she arranged for this lovely present to be sent to my room while I was walking home. Yeah, I've heard the old cliches about Finns being taciturn and withdrawn. But I've met so many warm, friendly, welcoming folks here to realize just how limited (and limiting) those sorts of generalizations can be. Can't wait to get some sleep and continue the adventure tomorrow!

Kamppi Center

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