Monday, December 10, 2007

2007 Holiday Lights

Every year (at Jenny's insistence) we add a little to our holiday display. Starting with a nice line of twinkle lights and maybe some boxing around the windows we graduated upward to the second story windows until, eventually, we started placing lights on the roof. By "we," I mean Jenny. When her friends played Tarzan and Jane, she always wanted to be Cheeta, so she does the high climbing in our household.

This year Jenny ordained that we would now tackle the front yard, placing lights in our big tree (the one that rains prickly seeds all year). This year we made it about halfway up, but I'm sure that we'll reach the top pretty soon.

Tonight will be dedicated to Christmas cards and the infamous Christmas letter. We'll break out our CD of holiday favorites ("Merry Christmas, Darling" is my favorite) and maybe sip some hot chocolate next to the fire. The cats will continue to stare quizzically at the noble fir that suddenly appeared in their territory (they'll start climbing the thing in a day or so), and we'll discuss the ideal time to watch It's a Wonderful Life (we'll hold out until Christmas Eve, I suppose).

As the semester winds down, I must admit that I feel more of the holiday spirit than in recent years. I'm hoping that your holidays will be joyful as well.

(Photograph by Andrew Wood)


LDS Kid said...

Good luck with the letter and cards. Nothing quite like some good Christmas music.

Andrew Wood said...

Thanks, lds kid! Right now we're hearing "Dreaming of a White Christmas." Not much likelihood of that here. Maybe where you are, though...