Friday, December 21, 2007

Ready for the holidays

Christmas letters are in the mail, presents also. The tree is strung with lights and dangling candy canes; the banisters wrapped with garland. The fireplace is lit pretty much every night and the cats are delighted. The Wood family had an adventuresome year in 2007, and some sadness too. Jenny and I dealt with the passing of our mothers (mine just before last Christmas, to be exact) and the transition of our daughter from a kid to an adult. We're proud of her, of course, but our feelings are tinged with the bittersweet reality that she's preparing to leave us. Not today or tomorrow, but inevitably. And yet we have this Christmas to share, and the hopes for a wonderful new year. In 2008 Vienna will have started on her path through college, I will (supposedly) have published my book, and Jenny will continue to expand her real estate empire. So much to anticipate. But I will try to think mostly of small things, the tender moments of kindness and laughter and quiet that make our family. For me, the holidays will be a time to rest and reflect on what matters. I hope these next days offer the same to you.

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