Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Highways of Tomorrow - 1944

From my collection of artifacts depicting "the world of tomorrow." This 1944 ad is from Motor bus Lines of America. Here's the text (ellipses in original):
In many parts of America, the highways of tomorrow are already here. And plans for more of these better highways are well under way . . . wide, safe thoroughfares between cities . . . and routes that stretch through scenic splendor to all the wonder spots of the nation.

Over these highways, you will ride in tomorrow's intercity buses . . . buses that will bring you luxurious innovations never enjoyed before. You also will have many more spacious new terminals, improved restaurant and comfort facilities, fast and frequent schedules, better service in every way.

Some of these improvements will come almost immediately with the end of the war. Others will follow quickly. Still others must await a clearer understanding of post-war problems in meeting the transportation needs of a nation at war, so will they continue to prove a powerful force in furthering the nation's peacetime advancement. INVEST IN AMERICA'S FUTURE. BUY WAR BONDS!
This advertisement illustrates technological enthusiasm promised by corporate planners in America's twentieth century postwar period, a key topic in COMM 149: Rhetoric and Public Life.

(Illustration by John Howard)

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