Thursday, April 2, 2009

South Beach 11st Street Diner

I sure am looking forward to the 2009 Wood Family Diner Tour! As you may know, we're heading to the northeast to visit the most chromed, most greasy, most friendly, and most historic diners in New England this summer.

Anticipating that journey, I thought I'd post another pic from our recent tour of South Beach Miami. The 11th Street Diner is the only one of its kind in these parts, and it's a gem. It's open 24 hours a day, boasts a full bar (if that's your thing), and offers decent grub.

By the way: Got any hints for must-see New England diners? Please post a comment.


Brett Lucas said...

The moderator of the website Roadside Fans (see link below) is a wealth of information on diners up in the northeastern United States.

Andrew Wood said...

Awesome. Thanks!