Monday, June 15, 2009

21st Anniversary at the Madonna Inn

Jenny and I celebrated our 21st anniversary at San Luis Obispo's Madonna Inn this past weekend (yep, pretty much like last year - we're suckers for consistency). This time we splurged on the Madonna Suite, one of those "rock rooms" that transcend any reasonable bounds of tackiness [here's a link to the Inn's room description]. Upon entering our suite, we found a complementary bottle of champagne and a balloon commemorating our special occasion.

Touring the suite, we marveled at the sensory overload: massive stone fireplace (lit by button, of course), sitting area with ornate furnishings, a king-sized bed, and a bathroom that has to be seen to be believed. Jenny loved watching the water spiral around the rocky sluice toward the sink, and I couldn't wait to jump into the waterfall shower. Yes, we took tasteful pix of me getting drenched in our own little rainforest grotto. No, you cannot see them.

Dinner was at the excessively ornate (and similarly priced) Gold Rush Steak House. Thereafter we took in a double-feature at the nearby Sunset Drive-In - again, just like last year (this time we saw Up and a forgettable sequel to Night at the Museum). That night also, Jenny thought it'd be cool to get a picture of me in the fireplace - with the fire on. She's quite the romantic spirit, yes?

The next day? We slept in until ten, grabbed a delightful breakfast at the Copper Cafe, hung out at the pool - one of those "infinity types" - and warmed up in the hot tub. Jenny thought it'd be swell to order a bottle of sparkling cider from the nearby bar, so we enjoyed that treat too. Taking the waterfall picture (first image above) capped our visit, a commemoration of 21 wonderful years together.

(Photographs by Jenny and Andrew Wood)


Lynnae said...

Wow. That is QUITE the place. I seriously want one of those booth benches from the Gold Rush diner.

detroit dog said...

Wow! Congratulations on 21 years. You guys know how to party (seriously!).