Monday, October 12, 2009

Zombies Reach Scotts Valley, Take a Nap

Preparations proceed for this Halloween's Zombie Apocalypse. Jenny found instructions for making zombie guts, I purchased some extra severed body parts, and we've even created a "Special Report: Zombie Uprising" video that will display on a television in our porch "house."

While searching for an old television, one more mobile than our large-screen set, I spent hours combing through local options and even the nearby thrift store. Then while I was driving home, I discovered that one of our neighbors was giving their old TV away!

This porch fright-fest will be our best yet.

(Image from Newspaper Clipping Generator)

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detroit dog said...

This is great! Sounds like fun. I love that Jenny had to buy instructions for making Zombie guts -- who would have thought?!!