Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fun Post: Crush the Castle

Given the recent drubbing I dropped on the iPad, there's little risk I'll be confused as an Apple shill for giving props to my newest favorite iPod app: Crush the Castle.

In this game, you don't have to worry about complex strategy or convoluted controls. You tap the screen, then tap it again, and that's it. What happens? You control a gloriously old-school weapon called a Trebuchet, which is basically a giant slingshot that hoists huge rocks against a fortified pile.

Sometimes the castle is made of wood, sometimes stone, and sometimes metal. Which is fine, because the more you play, the better your arsenal becomes, starting from tiny stones and growing to an avalanche of pain. All you do is select the your payload, release for maximum damage, and pulverize that sucker.

Technically you're measuring for speed, distance, and velocity, while assessing how various structural elements like beams and fulcrums can best be knocked down. But really you're just laying waste to a kingdom of pixels that can stand for anything bugging you. Oh, and there's a king, a queen, and plenty of hapless guards in the line of fire.

Even if you slept through your high school physics course, you'll quickly become master of the Trebuchet, raining all sorts of mathematical mayhem on your foes. Before long, you'll eagerly eye the map for your next conquest, your next territory, and your next increase in firepower: bigger rocks, then groups of rocks, then bombs that sizzle as they arc through the air and drop onto shrieking foes (then things get kind of freaky).

It's so easy. Just set, release, and watch as the walls come tumbling down.

Play for free at the Armor Games website. Then download the app. Crush the Castle is a fun medieval timesuck for only two bucks.

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