Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A little psychic

For some reason I've long had a desire to visit a psychic and get my fortune told. I'm certain that the ritual is an extended shakedown, something akin to, "well, I can see five years into your future for fifty bucks, but something mysterious seems to happen at year six. If only my crystal ball were a little less cloudy... Maybe another twenty would clear things up."

So what? I love a good story. That's part of the pleasure of visiting a psychic or a similar money-trap.

The picture above was snapped in Santa Cruz - the first in what might become a small collection of psychic-sign photos. Not far away, you can visit another spectacle of scam: the famed Mystery Spot. It's a hoot, but chances are you won't believe that you've actually stumbled upon a spot where "the laws of nature have been repealed!" No matter. It's fun to watch a gifted story-teller weave tales of ancient curses, scientific investigations, and local legends. And some of these folks have been casting their spells for decades.

Ah, the lure of roadside Americana. And sometimes there's even a giftshop!

(Photograph by Andrew Wood)

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