Thursday, February 4, 2010

Attack of the Demon Sheep

Carly Fiorina's ad-tack on Tom Campbell, a rival for her GOP primary bid to become California's next governor, is the funniest campaign video I've ever seen.

And I remember the 1992 Georgia ad that featured Marjorie Goode Lopp sitting in a rocking chair and singing "Put Paul Coverdell in the Senate and kick Wyche Fowler out" before delivering the perfect zinger in pure southern drawl: "He's just like Ted Kennedy."

That spot was my favorite for its "Oh my God-I can't believe they aired it" goofiness (Coverdell won, by the way)... until today.

So far, I think Twitterer Todd Zeigler [link] puts it best in his description of Fiorina's attack on Campbell: "it is the spinal tap of campaign videos." See for yourself:

Oh, and wait for it... wait for it. You think it starts out strong, but wait until you learn the secret of the sheep.

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