Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shot-by-Shot Analysis: Jared Pandora

We've got a trifecta with this ad for cheesy baubles: consumerist-romance, gadget obsession, and obnoxious kids!

We open with an establishing shot of three girls sitting at home, playing with mobile devices. The camera gently shakes and jitters to convey homemade naturalism.

The youngest girl plays with a handheld game. The slightly older girl taps on a mobile phone. The big sister types on a laptop computer.

Keeping her eyes glued on her laptop screen, the older girl asks her sisters, "Did Dad go to Jared for the Pandora bracelet like we told him?"

The youngest girl, having put down her game, searches for signs of her parents' interaction in the living room:

"I - I can't tell."

We then see a medium close-up of Mom and Dad on the couch. Mom opens a case, revealing a godawful ugly charm bracelet (not that the jewelry's aesthetics are important in this post):

"Oh, honey!"

We return to the girls. The big sister smiles, her eyes still locked on that laptop: "Oh, yeah. He went to Jered."

The second-oldest also continues focusing on her device: "He totally went to Jared."

A voice-over calls on viewers to "Celebrate life's unforgettable moments with Pandora charms and bracelets" One is labeled, "Our 3 daughters."

A brief musical flourish accompanies a return to the living room where Mom launches across the couch to hug Dad.

The daughters trill at the sweet scene, even pulling themselves away from their electronic toys for a moment.

Big sister then marshals the kind of condescension that only a teenager can possess, "They're so cute at that age."

Difficulty seeing the spot? Point your browser here:

The spot is dated September 30, 2009 and attributed to Stern Advertising.

One final thought: Is it just me, or doesn't "Jared Pandora" sound like a Star Wars character?

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