Friday, June 18, 2010

Three mobile phone moments

Three mobile phone moments from the last 24 hours:

Jenny and I are circling the Skypark jogging path and we pass a woman pushing a baby carriage. The mom is talking, presumably to the baby. Isn't that nice? But as we pass by, it becomes clear that she's using a Bluetooth device to talk with someone else. The baby stares upward at nothing in particular.

While driving down Mt. Herman Road, two police head the opposite direction. Seeing the first one, I can't quite believe my eyes. After the second one, it's clear: both cops are cupping cell phones over their shoulders, chatting away. For all I know, they're talking with each other.

I'm waiting to exit a Scotts Valley gas station when I see a kid lost in his own aural world; wearing earphones he's bopping to the beat of some song. Next to him, his mom is animatedly engaged in a conversation with someone else. I wonder if they know or care about just how odd this looks, at least to me.

Ah, the magic of mobile phones.

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