Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Expo 2010 Review

Jimmy Im has posted a snarky but useful review of Shanghai's Expo 2010. One action item he's inspired me to consider: dress for the heat and bring an umbrella. The weather in Shanghai is supposed to be miserably hot right about now -- I've heard it's topping the hundreds, at least in "feels like" temperature.

What's more, the days are punctuated by frequent bouts of humid rain. I guess that's why virtually every image I've seen from the fair features bleak, overcast skies. Even worse? Im notes that fair regulations prohibit visitors from bringing water or lip balm, despite the lousy weather. OK, concessionaires need to make money selling overpriced water. But lip balm? What's the hassle with lip balm?

Happily the news isn't all bad. The fair is remarkable for its architecture and design, Im says. And it's all the more interesting if you can get into a pavilion. Here's an excerpt:
"Structurally, the exteriors can be commanding, some soaring into the sky, others capturing clever design aesthetics… For those who can’t travel the world, the rewards inside the pavilions are actually worth the wait: Denmark’s iconic statue, The Little Mermaid, was lugged over from Scandinavia; Japan has awe-inspiring robots playing violins with highly-pressure sensitive fingers."
I'll see the fair for myself this August. And I'll certainly bring back stories and pix. First goal: see Spain's creepy Giant Baby!

Read the article: Travel dispatch: Surviving the Shanghai world expo 2010

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