Thursday, October 14, 2010

Signs of Europe

During my summer trip to Germany and Austria, I focused on big ideas and big activities: the Salzburg Seminar, the chance to experience Cafe Culture in Vienna, and the opportunity to deepen my relationship with good friends. But I also concentrated on details such as street art - the kind of stuff that lots of folks tend to ignore.

Along with that ephemera, I also found myself snapping pix of strange and humorous signs (most notably, Austria's surreal Freedom From Fear advertisement for the Polizei). Problem is, I haven't had an excuse to share them. Thus, for no particular reason, here are some goofy signs I saw in Europe. Set your snark detectors on high!

German exclamation points
make child's play look mildly disturbing. Like,
aren't those the girls from The Shining?

Yes, I agree. It's a bad idea to enter the railway facilities.
But why make the guard look like Gort from
The Day the Earth Stood Still?

Maybe it's my Puritan heritage speaking, but sometimes a sign can be
a little too iconic, you know?

Warning: This elevator occupied by slackers with nothing to lose!

Big Brother is watching. Watching you drink!

Not here. Not here. Nope, not here either. And God help you if you stop here!
(Photographs by Andrew Wood)

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Jenny Wood said...

Those are great! Hope to see lots more of them with you next year! <3