Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Looking Forward

Rain is falling and the cats are roughhousing - and I am emerging from an epic cold. We're talking a real life-stopper that kicked up last Wednesday. All-night hacking (and not the cool cyberpunk kind). Reacquainting myself with the various bouquets of cough syrup. And so many bloody kleenexes that Charlie Sheen himself would recommend an intervention. So, no blogging of late. Sorry.

I plan to see the doc tomorrow, just in case. But I must teach today (Yes, I'm bathing in Purell - and keeping my distance). I think I may be climbing out of this mess. Thank goodness, because the next few days, weeks, and months promise to be hectic.  Next week I'm doing a departmental presentation that will preview themes for a new article (and ultimately a book) on world's fairs. I'm flying to D.C. over spring break for a week of research and road-tripping. And a couple days after my return I'll head back east, this time to Berry College where I have been invited to present a talk. Along the way I'm launching my second new class this academic year and prepping to teach in the SJSU Humanities Honors Program (a half-time buy-out, starting this fall). Oh, and there's that video package for the Salzburg Program and the documentary for the College of Engineering Global Technology Initiative, both of which involve returning to Austria and China this summer. Busy days.

I see some respite ahead in the form of a sabbatical. My application has been tentatively approved, though no promises can be made until a number of budgetary issues are resolved at the state level. So I'm on the cusp of having the time to write a new book. Maybe. Wow, maybe I should just hide under the covers for the day. I can't complain, but I sure wish I felt a little less like I'd been hit by a truck.

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