Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back from Berry

Wouldn't you guess it? I upload a celebratory message about this blog's 1000th post and then go offline for four days! Fact is, I've been working on a project that took me out of town and still have yet to resurface. Nonetheless I've got to share a couple pictures I just received from Kevin Kleine; these are from my recent talk at Berry College.

It was such a treat to visit with folks have taught and sustained me for so many years. I attended Berry from '92 through '94, finishing my undergraduate degree there, and I hope I've grown a bit since then. At the same time I can never forget the feelings I had at Berry - the sense of hushed awe I had when first visiting Hermann Hall, the gifts of time and patience offered by faculty who saw more potential in me than I could imagine, and the shared adventure of Jenny and I completing our degrees together. I love Berry College. There, I will always be a student.

Today I keep Miss Berry's Final Letter to Alumni on my desk, and I read it often. I can't say yet that I've lived up to her call for graduates to help Berry "stand through the ages," but I'm glad I had this opportunity to stand with my teachers and friends, if only for one night.

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