Saturday, June 21, 2014

Soviet Relics in St. Petersburg

During one of our Europe 2014 side trips, Jenny and I searched St. Petersburg, Russia for remnants of its Soviet past. Some memorable finds:

Insignia on Bolshaya Morskaya ulitsa, 18 [GMaps]
Relief in Narvskaya metro station
Narvskaya metro station
Sergey Kirov monument (Nikolai Tomsky, sculptor)
Background: Kirov District Administration building [Noi Trotsky, architect]
Ventilating lattice at Narvskaya metro station
"Workers of the world, Unite!"
Mural near Narvskaya metro station [GMap]
Relief at Narvskaya metro station
Relief at Ploshchad Vosstaniya
Ceiling mural at [St. Petersburg] Moscow Railway Station
Sites for future visits

• Finland Railway Station [GMap]

• House of the Soviets [GMap]

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