Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year saw a return of the Scotts Valley Pirates. Thanks to Vienna's expert help and advice during the set-up, Jenny and I had a fun time with the kiddies (not to mention a few parents wondering if we had any grog to share). And this time we added an extra feature: a real-life plank to test the bravery of any scaliwag who dare sail with us!

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Andrea Cotham said...

I would like to suggest a 50s-horror movie theme for next year....yeah, I know, I know, you all have to figure it out, but I am all would do a bang-up job of it! Love the pirates....I wish we lived closer, our school just did a pirate show and we have TONS of props to share. Glad you had a happy Halloween! Hope to see you all soon!

Andrew Wood said...

Thanks, Andrea! We've done a Frankenstein in the past - and a Dracula and Mummy wouldn't be too hard to dream up. Maybe... Either way, we hope to see y'all again too!

Slovebunny said...

Oh Yes that would be interesting a 50's horror movie! Good footage Andy, loved the arial view from your drone.