Saturday, July 7, 2007

Searching for Arrowhead Cafeteria

This is matchbook has long fascinated me. When you think of a cafeteria, you probably imagine hair-netted servers slopping mystery meat onto your tray (mostly upon your plate, but not completely). Yet Arrowhead Cafeteria and Table Service looked positively luxurious. The men wear suits and ties and the women - is that woman in the green dress wearing a fur? Clearly it's a generic image, probably used for a large number of cafeterias. But I wonder if the folks at Arrowhead were overselling things just a bit.

As the matchbook indicates, the Arrowhead served American and Chinese dishes and assured its patrons: "All Foods We Serve Guaranteed of High Quality and Reasonable Price." If you have memories or photos of this cafeteria (located at 219 W. Superior St., Duluth, Minnesota) please leave a comment.

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