Sunday, July 22, 2007

Searching for Sierra Theater

I photographed this abandoned theater about five years ago in Chowchilla, California. I was struck by its simple facade, broken by ziggurat steps of sharp deco-verticality. Having no immediate plans to produce a book or website about old theaters I kept the photo in my collection, imagining some use for it eventually.

Recently I've heard that the Sierra was torn down, making way for townhouses. I'm sure that the good people of Chowchilla are happy to receive the new homes and the tax dollars that come with them. But I wish I'd had a chance to see the Sierra in its prime. Have you any memories of this theater? If so, please post a comment.

(Photo by Andrew Wood)

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Jon said...

I love old theaters, I was in Chowchilla about 2 years ago and this theater was still there. Have you heard anything recent about this theater? I wonder how much this is selling for. Thanks for posting!