Friday, September 28, 2007

Skyview Drive-in Update

Writing in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Genevieve Bookwalter reports that one of my favorite places, the Skyview Drive-in, is likely to close soon. While the story focuses on the flea market, it also contains news about the drive-in. Here's a snip:
Vendors who for years have pawned high chairs, stone necklaces and old videos, among numerous other wares, at the Skyview Drive-In flea market are concerned that a weekend tradition since 1971 will soon come to a close.

Vendors who have tried to reserve their selling spots at the flea market through the end of the year have been denied, and petitions are being passed to preserve what some are calling "a cultural icon"

But those fears are only partially justified.

Attorney John P. Christian with Tobin & Tobin in San Francisco, who represents the drive-in owners, the Martins family, confirmed that vendors have been told they could count on selling their stock on the Soquel Drive lot through the end of November.

"Beyond that, I don't know," Christian said.

But officials for Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center on Friday said sellers have no reason to fear; the health care provider stands by the group's statement earlier this year that the flea market — considered by many a community staple — would remain open for a couple more years, despite the pending sale.

"We realize that [the flea market] is something that is important in the community, and we want to explore any option we can to make sure that continues to be available," said Sutter spokesman Ben Drew.

He did not, however, commit to continue running the drive-in movie theater.
Update: The Skyview closed for the last time on December 2, 2007.

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