Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fun Post: MyLifeIsAverage

In contrast to FMyLife with its disturbing (and sometimes raunchy) micro-rants, MyLifeIsAverage offers a chuckle-inducing look at everyday life without striving for guffaws or tears. Here are some recent examples:
"Today I had meatloaf for dinner. Tomorrow I will have leftover meatloaf for lunch. MLIA."

"Today, I turned on the radio but a commercial was on. I listened anyways. MLIA."

"Today I was walking and my neighbor drove past me. She didn't wave. MLIA."
In a way, MyLifeIsAverage reminds me of Garfield without Garfield, in that these posts strip away obvious distractors, leaving us with the smaller truths that sometimes tell us something more about how we live.

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Unknown said...

My life is average is funny in a weird way.... I don't mind reading it from time to time, but I still prefer