Tuesday, May 26, 2009

L.A. Dingbats - Part 2 - Tiki Apartments

In the morning of my second day visiting L.A. in search of Dingbat architecture (here are some photos from the first day) I headed south to Redondo Beach in search of the Tiki Apartments building (389 Palos Verdes Blvd). While early fog presented some annoying lighting challenges, the trip was entirely worthwhile once I beheld those awesome tikis.

Check back tomorrow for more Dingbats - including one that may be the most representative example of this style in L.A.

(Photographs by Andrew Wood)


Lynnae said...

I love this last shot. Espcially with the mosiac tile in the background. Yeah, their funky, but I hope people take notice and preserve some of these buildings.

highway163 said...

Thanks so much, Lynnae! More Dingbats coming tomorrow. :-)

cole danish said...

OMG just came across this. that place in redondo beach is insane! is it still intact? i would book a flight from the bay area just to see and shoot it.