Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fun Post: Sexist Subaru Ad From 1970

I haven't looked at a Ms. magazine in a while, but I remember a favorite feature called "No Comment" in which the editors would reproduce an ad dripping with misogyny. It was always sort of funny and sort of sad at the same time.

With that in mind, I can only wonder what the editors of Ms. - heck, any reasonably conscious person who imagines women to be actual, you know, human beings - would have thought of this ad. Here's a snip:
"Like a spirited woman who yearns to be tamed... Sleek. Agile. The sculptured lines of the one piece body invite you in... Go to her. Let her cradle you in the softness of her highback reclining bucket seats... Now. Turn her on."
If you think you can stomach some time travel to 1970 when "Women's Lib" was still an oddity in many parts of the country, check this out.

Go to BuzzFeed. It waits for you! Sexist Subaru Ad From 1970


Evan said...

Set aside the sexism--I think the implication that you want to have sex with a car is the most disturbing thing about that ad (there's a character in Thomas Pynchon's book "Vineland" that does make love to his car).

Lynnae said...

Oh man that's disturbing.
Of course now the ads trying to appeal to women are often just as rediculous. Check out 'Target Women' If you haven't seen it before. I love the one about Yogurt.

Lissie said...

GAG..... It's unbelievable that...crap like that was ever acceptable. It reminds me of