Monday, January 3, 2011

Mojave-Fresno Roadtrip (Part 1)

No berries for sale today
Over the winter break I enjoyed a brief roadtrip to southern California, focusing my time on Mojave and Fresno. Truthfully I wasn't overly excited about the prospects of a solo driving tour, but Jenny sensed my road fever and recommended that I hit the pavement. Sharing a couple weeks together in the same house - without the necessary diversion of our traditional work schedule - inspires that kind of creative thinking, I guess.

Relic airplanes at Mojave Airport
Gusty rainstorms bracketed my travels. Still I quickly fell into the familiar, happy routine of long distance driving. My daily total would be less than 350 miles, but I could have driving 500 or more with a smile. I had no particular destination in mind when I pulled away from the garage. I just knew that I wanted to head south. Maybe LA to photograph some Dingbat architecture. Maybe further east. Finally as I slotted myself onto the 101 the desert spoke to me. I would avoid the smoggy metroplex and seek solitude.

Semiotic Ghost 17 miles east of Mojave
I searched out shuttered berry stands for some reason, and craned my neck to read the spindling lines of California's irrigation woes. I reached Mojave some time around four. Already darkness had set in. I grabbed a swell room at the Desert Inn and then returned to the highway in search of that old Rocks Cafe sign 17 miles east. I savored the scrape of barbed wire and the chill wind. Later I lit a cigar and posted myself across the highway from a bail bonds office to capture the zippy threads of headlights. I felt renewed. Next morning I would mosey over to the airport to snap one of its famed lines of airplanes that roast under the sun. Perhaps I would also revisit the aging motels of Fresno.

This bail bonds business is open late
More photos tomorrow.


Beauswifey said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. What software are you using?

Andrew Wood said...

I use Photomatix Pro. Check it out!