Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Athens Street Art: Part 1 of 3

It's time for some more street art from our European Grand Tour. Today we're viewing some of the most memorable pieces Jenny and I saw during our time in Athens. Take a look at these images and you'll see signs of a nation in crisis, yes, but you'll also see people using art to convey their struggles, communicating with passion and pathos.


Anonymous said...

first piece by Bleeps.gr


highway163 said...

Thank you for providing a website that offers information about the first piece ("Hope Less"). Honestly, that work inspired me to focus less on aesthetics and more on message when searching for street art.

By the way, for folks just skimming this site, here's a copy/paste of the Bleeps.gr manifesto. These are not my words - nor necessarily my opinion. But they're worth some reflection:

"The pseudonym Bleeps.gr is a depersonalization of the artist as an individual
who is identified as the art initiative and the website.

In the streets some of the projects refer to classical Greek art interpreted to postmodern era.

Others to the foundations of inner self, childhood, purity and innocence.

The foundations of “perception” are also explored by attempting to use the subjects as protagonists in obscure events.

On the other hand the aim is at disputing the aesthetic standards especially the ones related to consumerism.

The goal overall is to raise issues concerning conventions (eg religion, politics, monetary system, consumerism etc.).

The procedure of creating starts as an initial idea which accepts historical and philosophical elements in order to lead to its final shape.

When all that comes to the stage of being materialized impulse with mathematics are combined."