Thursday, September 8, 2011

MC Frontalot in Santa Cruz

Jenny and I saw MC Frontalot perform last night at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz. It's an odd venue, admittedly, but plenty of nerdcore aficionados packed themselves into the restaurant bar for a standing-room only show that featured two opening acts. Gnarboots unleashed a Dead Kennedys-like punk vibe, especially when singer AdamD plunged into the crowd to belt furiously fun tunes. Brandon Patton followed up with a zesty goulash of indie, folk, and Irish yell-alongs. (My favorite: "Mixed-Up Modern Family"; Jenny's least favorite: "Ketchup and Mayo" - say no more). Turns out, Brandon is otherwise known as BL4k Lotus: bass guitarist for the evening's main act.

McFrontalot bounded onto the floor with spastic, geeky abandon. Clip-on reading light, Office Space "I hate my job" white button-down, and spectacles that only a Princess Leia impersonator could love: Front brought the whole package. His performance was crisp, jazzed, and tightly-paced, offering the rowdy crowd a great set of oldies and new stuff from five albums. Before things got kicked off, I asked if he might sing "Tongue-clucking Grammarian" (I've got some papers to grade). Would you believe it? He opened the show with it! I guess every geek gets lucky once in a while.

(Video and Photographs by Andrew Wood - music and performance, of course, belong to MC Frontalot)

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Jenny Wood said...

Great post and I enjoyed the show more than I thought I would!