Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prague Street Art

How to describe the street art we saw in Prague? Put it this way: Prague's got a Franz Kafka museum that features two men pissing phrases into a fountain; send a text and you can watch the words dissolve in the water. The world's got plenty of pissing statues, I guess, but how many allow you to control the flow via text message? Prague is clearly a place where absurdity rises to the level of art. That's why I love the stencil-work we saw here.

One must-see stop: a wall dedicated to John Lennon where local students (and a few tourists able to find a can of spray paint) regularly cover and recover the surface with phrases, lyrics, and bits of doggerel. Walking along the Charles Bridge to find the wall, you may spot a souvenir stand selling framed photos of especially iconic work. Keep your money. Bring your camera and take your own shots. That's part of the pleasure of this kind of hunt: its ephemerality. Come back tomorrow, and you'll surely see something new.

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