Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dallas Motor Courts

All around the country, crumbling motor courts face inglorious razing. But in some places, preservationists are trying to revitalize these roadside relics for other purposes. A recent article discusses efforts to save three Dallas Motor Courts.
"The heyday of Fort Worth Avenue's motor courts is as long past as a pastel postcard, but Preservation Dallas is hoping that remnants can be saved."

"Though not, perhaps, as motels."

"The preservationist organization's recently released list of the "Most Endangered Historic Resources" in Dallas included three of the motor court motels – the Mission Motel, the Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts and the Ranch Motel."
Read the whole thing:

Flick, D. (2007, May 22). New uses considered for '50s motor courts. Dallas Morning News.

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