Saturday, May 19, 2007

Route 66 Motels

(Photo by Andrew Wood)

Justin Juozapavicius has written a piece in USA Today about the slow death of motels on Route 66. Here's an excerpt:
"In Oklahoma, with more Route 66 miles than any of the eight states it flows through, many motels are derelict or abandoned, used as junk yards, makeshift car lots and flophouses."

"Owners who inherited these historical footnotes have no use for them, and would rather sell the properties to a developer if the price was right."

"Today, many structures that made the road what it was — the diners, family-owned service stations, barbecue joints — have fallen apart. With efforts to fix up these architectural landmarks scarce, time has become the road's worst enemy."
Read the whole article, Route 66 motels endangered. And if you're nostalgic for Mom and Pop motels, think about visiting one this summer.

To learn more about motels on (and off) Route 66, visit our website, Motel Americana.

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