Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can You Hear Me Hereafter?

This is a relatively ancient article (from December, 2008), but I had to post a link to it anyway, just in case you didn't read it.

Diane Mapes writes on MSNBC that some folks are getting buried with their mobile phones, their iPods, and even with Bluetooth headsets stuck in their ears. Get ready to get creeped out:
“We had a young man die this past summer and they put his cell phone in the casket for the viewing and it rang constantly,” [one funeral director] says. “It was turned to silent, but you could see the phone light up so you knew people were calling. And they were leaving messages. They knew he was dead, but they were still calling.”
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Lissie said...

Andy, what is YOUR viewpoint on this? I doubt that I would go so far as to put a cellphone in a casket, but whenever I go to the cemetery to visit a loved one, I still talk to them as though they were sitting right next to me. I'd like to think that they can hear me...

Andrew Wood said...

What do I think? Fair question. I'm concerned about the confusion between always-on connection with meaningful communication.

Put another way, I observe that more people talk LOUDLY in public places, thanks to these devices, without seeming to say much at all.

And now we're going to bring that noise into the afterworld? :-)

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