Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Omnitopia Update

Getting there!

Today the page proofs will be sent from Hampton Press to the folks who produce the actual paperback and hardbook books. No more PDFs, no more emailed edits. The next step is a bound copy of City Ubiquitous: Place, Communication, and the Rise of Omnitopia.

In preparation for the rollout, I've created a Facebook group where folks interested in omnitopia (or are just feeling generous enough to add their name to the community) can check for updates, post and access omnitopian images, and discuss topics related to the concept of our Age of Ubiquity.

I'm also working on a platform for the website (right now, there's just an image of the book cover as a placeholder). I envision that site as a much more robust front door to omnitopia, offering downloadable excerpts, reviews, faculty resources, and links to buy the book.

I'm also Twittering fairly regularly, posting (roughly) once-a-day messages about articles, blogs, and even poems(!) that I find referring to omnitopia in an interesting way. Students and other folks interested in the idea can check for new and innovative applications of omnitopia - or even receive them on their mobile devices.

Please consider participating in the rollout to the book.

  • Join the Facebook group:

  • Sign up for the Twitter feed:

  • Bookmark City Ubiquitous:

    (I'll let you know when the website goes live, about two weeks from now.)

    And look ahead to late February or early March when, according to the publisher, City Ubiquitous should be available for purchase.
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