Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1981's Newspaper of the Future

This video has gone viral over the past few days, but I had to share it anyway.

It's a news story about a not-too-far-off future when people will get newspaper content from - wait for it...

Their computers!

These denizens of the brave new world will use Tandy TRS-80s to print off their favorite articles (minus pictures, ads, and comics, of course).

In the story, a San Francisco Examiner editor opines hopefully, "We're not in it to make money, [but] we're probably not going to lose a lot..."

An anchorperson at the end of the piece adds that it takes two hours to receive the text of the paper over the phone, and the price to access content is five bucks per hour of use. She sounds kind of snarky about it, but I think the paper-of-the-future is a bargain.

After all, we're told, you can print your favorite stories... on paper.

Return with me now to the future of newspapers as it was envisioned in the year:

Nineteen Eighty One!

Read the story (thanks to TechCrunch) and see the video: How the Future of Online News Looked in 1981

(Image from YouTube video)

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