Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shameless Media Plug - Santa Cruz Sentinel

City Ubiquitous (due out later this month) has been featured in today's Santa Cruz Sentinel.

It appeared in an article written by Stephanie Pappas, "SJSU professor looks to burst the bubble of omnitopia with new book."

I enjoyed the piece, particularly her introduction about our family's tradition of "silent walks." You've got to like an article that starts this way:
"Andrew Wood has an unusual approach to road trips: Whenever he drives through the desert, he kicks one of his family members out of the car."
Here's a snip about the piece's larger emphasis:
Wood wants people to burst the bubble of omnitopia "as often and as frequently as possible" by seeking out places where human connection is more important than convenience or commerce.

"Get out! As quickly as you can," Wood said. "Get off the interstate, turn off the mobile phone, get out of the chain restaurants and be where people are who they are."
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