Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Connecticut Lawmakers Hard at Work

This AP photo illustrates that while the economy continues to limp along, lawmakers are still working hard to fulfill their sworn duties. Confused? Let me translate this image (photographer unknown).

While the screens to the left appear to depict time-wasting games of solitaire, I'm certain the playing cards are symbolic of how Connecticut legislators are prioritizing their stacks of budget priorities. Hearts for social programs, Spades for construction projects, that sort of thing.

The baseball website to the right? Not what it seems. Actually, you can clearly see one of Connecticut's elected officials researching how to "hit the budget deficit out of the park." This objective requires consultation with experts, what with all the balls lawmakers must keep in the air. Better check with a ballplayer.

Note: While the related story is posted here, Senate Approves Budget, the image comes from the front page of the Connecticut Courant. That's a weird word to spell, so here's a hint: You can't spell "Courant" without rant. Also, I must admit, I found this image on Drudge.

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