Monday, June 18, 2007

Why Do You Do That? Update

A trickle of new Why Do You Do That? replies is coming in. So far, the question earning the most responses is Why do you procrastinate?

Two of the answers include:
I procrastinate because it feels so good to do anything other than what I know needs to be done. This might be dodging the question but sometimes I actually appreciate when I get headaches so I can't say that I am procrastinating but that I just don't feel well. Oh, I like to wait till the very last minute because then, I feel like I will work well under pressure but really, I don't. Oh my goodness, procrastination is just lovely! To just sit there and do a whole lot of nothing feels so wonderful and this is why I procrastinate. :)
The only thing I procrastinate is writing.

I'm a writer, so this is kind of a problem, duh... but ever since I can remember my brain has been trained to go into this mode where things marinate and process until The Last Minute, when I scribble it all down. If i sit down before The Last Minute, nothing but garbage--half baked ideas and poorly-worded thoughts--comes to me. I can sit there all day and the magic won't happen. This used to frustrate me and scared my editors (Where is it? Why can't we see it yet?). But finally I just came to terms with it and now at least I don't stress. I just know that the night before an article is due, or the month before a book is due, are going to be marathons for me... just like in college, sigh.
Also, students from a Tennessee course in interpersonal communication have emailed me three questions to add:

  • Why don't you use your turn signal?

  • Why do you wear clothes that don't fit?

  • Why do you curse?

  • Learn more about the origin and development of this project - and add your comments.

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