Thursday, January 10, 2008

El Vado Update - January 2008

Erik Siemers writes in The Albuquerque Tribune that the city's El Vado Motel has been granted a temporary reprieve, gaining local landmark status after a prolonged struggle between its owner and local preservationists.

According to city historic preservation planner Ed Boles, the Spanish Pueblo Revival motor court is a Route 66 classic. Here's a snip:
"Many sought the exotic charm in what were to them the beautiful and unfamiliar landscape and indigenous cultures of New Mexico," Boles said.
Although the El Vado's local landmark status ensures that a layer of bureaucracy separates owner Richard Gonzales from his plans of demolishing the property to build townhouses, the motel's future remains precarious.

Gonzales need only to prove that he'll lose money by operating the El Vado, either in its present state or after needed repairs.

Gonzales has so far refused to sell the property to the city.

Read the entire article, Albuquerque designates motel a city landmark, but owner can appeal decision.

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(Photograph by Andrew Wood)

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