Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Car Guy

During our recent visit to Beaumont, Texas, I spotted another one of those "Car Guys" that I often find along gritty working roads. This one depicts the same mechanic that I've seen elsewhere, only with a different function. I have no idea where Car Guys are designed, when they were first distributed, or what their actual brand of design is called. But in all parts of the country I've found their thick, honest outlines, their flat, angular physiques, and their sensible, no-nonsense attention to duty. They are the kinds of advertisements one would find in an Ayn Rand utopia if Howard Roark or John Galt opened up a garage. Of course, this being Texas, the sign also reads, "Happy Birthday, Jesus." Atlas can only shrug.

(Photograph by Andrew Wood)


LDS Kid said...

Well, though Roark never opened a garage he did design that gas station. Who knows what the advertisement there looked like. ^_^

Andrew Wood said...

Good call. I'm guessing something sharp, severe, angular, and bold!