Monday, January 7, 2008

GPS: Pick Up Your Visual Scanning

A California man recently illustrated the virtue of that beloved Star Wars quote, "pick up your visual scanning," when he turned onto a railroad track, following the commands of his GPS navigation device. You can imagine what happened next.

Here's a snip from a January 3, 2008, Journal News (Lower Hudson) article:
[Bo] Bai, who works for a Silicon Valley computer tech company, had rented the car from U-Save Car & Truck Rental in New Windsor, N.Y. He was not familiar with the area, and was therefore relying on the GPS device's navigation instructions, officials said.

"One computer brain listening to another," [Metro-North spokesman Dan] Brucker said, chuckling, this morning.
Read the entire article, Driver cited in Bedford train-car crash caused by GPS mishap.

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